Giveaway #6 – Showing Bobby that someone cares

By December 21, 2021No Comments

WELL DONE EVERYONE! Your £1 a week is definitely changing lives….Giveaway number 6 came through our member Neil

“Bobby, is a 27 year old care leaver who has been struggling his whole life with PTSD following a violent and traumatic childhood, as a consequence he has no family relationships to speak of, the people who should have protected him hurt him or allowed him to be hurt.

Bobby would be considered an A&E frequent flyer, he has taken more than 5 overdoses of pain killing medication, he presents like this as a mechanism of coping, because:

a) he feels no one cares about him.

b) he needs a service, but the service he needs doesn’t actually exist.

c) in the moment his impulses take over and he cannot regulate his emotions.

Bobby has anorexia, self neglect and is extremely under weight, he has muscle loss and fibromyalgia. He struggles to travel and cannot afford public transport. He budgets well but some weeks has to choose between heat, light or food, he has just sent back his rental TV as he has no money to pay for it. His resilience is at an all-time low, and using some money for a bike and a TV and any energy arrears he has would set him up for accessing appointments, he could gradually build up his stamina on a bike and realise his dream of going to work.

He is lonely, isolated but extremely bright, he has interesting hobbies, and there is nothing he doesn’t know about the old Derby tunnel system and Old Norse Astronomy.”

When I spoke to Bobby and told him of our donation he was extremely emotional, and very articulate in his gratitude. He is likely to spend the money on a bike or possibly driving lessons. He said, “I am extremely grateful for people like those in your group and you’ve made my life worth living again. I can’t thank you all enough and I wish you all an amazing Christmas, mine is going to be so much happier now.” Bobby also said that in the future he would like to join our group and give back the help he has received.