Giveaway #60 Family in financial crisis

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Nominated by our member Ellington is a family she is aware of through her work:

Young person is 21 and lives with his mum and dad. He has a diagnosis of autism, cowden syndrome and severe anxiety. He also has a learning disability.

Due to the young person struggling a lot with his anxiety at present (he is now being supported by community mental health team) he has not been accessing his support services and is isolating himself from others at home.

The family are needing to be at home with him to keep him safe and be available to help him manage his anxiety and overwhelm. With the young person being at home al lot more the family are struggling financially with the rapid increase in bills, food costs etc. Anxiety for the young person can escalate if he knows there are family worries.

They are also struggling with extra costs to attend any appointments at hospital as the young person does suffer with migraines caused by optic nerve swelling.

The money will support relieve some of the pressure financially on parents and free up their worries to be better available to support their son at this difficult time.

They receive the relevant benefits available to them.

Family understand that this is a big ask and are grateful to be considered for our support.

Friends I spoke to Mum who explained her son’s condition means he needs a special diet and is currently unable to leave the house except for hospital appointments. On hearing of our donation she was speechless, eventually she explained the money would be used to do a ‘big shop’, and put towards utility costs. She sends her thanks and says the donation is very much appreciated.

How often do we hear that a ‘big shop’ is needed?!

Well done everybody 🙂