Giveaway #61 Widow in financial crisis

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Our 61st donation!

Our member Jane Witherow is always on the lookout for people in need, here’s how she spotted this person:

“After donating an Air Fryer through a free site on Facebook I came to learn about Sarah’s mum’s (Tracey) situation and thought it worth trying to find out a bit more.

The following transcript is the messages between myself and Sarah – I really think that the £500 would enormously help out Tracey as it seems that things have built up over the last few years and she’s now at a point that she can’t see a way out.


Hi , the air fryer is fabulous I gave it a whiz and it’s fantastic thank you so much it’s all packed and ready to go .

(This was after I’d explained about the FoD500 club and that we may be able to help her mum)……

Wooooooo I don’t know what to say I really don’t . It’s been hard for her since dad died . We lost him 9 years ago on 3rd July , it was very sudden, he had a brain aneurysm. They managed to get him to the queen’s hospital as they have the specialist neurology department. They tried to drain the fluid and coil it but discovered he’d also had a major stroke. It broke my mum she’d been with my dad since she was 16 she just froze so I had to give permission to withdraw support which nearly killed me he was my best friend, where he was I was . All she’d ever know was life with dad so she had to learn to live really . Then after a year the council hit with bedroom tax and she was just getting to the point of not being able to put the heating on . So I said maybe it’s time to downsize but that was hard as they’d been there over 30 years so again that was more upset and like dad was going all over again . I managed to get her a home exchange and she’s happier in her flat than the big house that’s just surrounding her with memories. Then Argos closed down so she lost her job but she soon found another at the cafe in town . The owner and his wife also owned another in town and moved mum down to that one due to staffing I think then next thing she knows she turns up to work and there’s a too let sign up , he’d not even told the staff what was happening. So that closed down and she’s applying for jobs , going to jobs fairs but she’s 63 doesn’t drive isn’t computer savvy so is pretty limited on what she can apply for . I just hate it I hate that she’s in this situation, she’s not really got any friends work was her social life , me , my husband and our sons are all she’s got really of and her rescue greyhound Morris lol . I just hate being helpless I know she’s having to watch her money as we all do but I’ve got my husband as backup my mums lost hers xxxx


That is so sad…losing everything in such a short space in time. So if she was awarded the £500 how would it help her do you think? X


Oh gosh I think it would take a lot of the stress out of the bills even bus fare going to town to the job centre to the job fairs etc take some of the panic out . My mum is a worker always has been apart from when she had me when I was a baby . And being at home day in and day out won’t be doing her any good at all she loves to work and it gets her out and talking to people otherwise if I don’t call or she doesn’t see people when she’s walking Morris she’ll speak to no one and I don’t want that for her , I don’t want her get down x


If you explain what I’d like to do, do you think she’d share her contact details with us or are we best going through you? Rachel Morris, my friend and founder of the fabulous group usually will have a chat with the recipient to find out more information, explain the nomination and the award and let her know the good news xx

Friends I have spoken to Tracey tonight and she is desperate, she’s struggled since her husband died and feels that everything is against her. When I told her we would transfer £500 she let out the biggest cry and it was quite some time before she could talk. She is so very, very grateful and sends her thanks to every single one of you and said it means the world. She said she feels like she’s won the lottery, the first thing she’ll do is pay her gas and electric which she’s been really worried about.

Well done everyone 🙂