Giveaway #62 Hospitalised causing financial crisis

By August 2, 2023No Comments

Friends here is our 62nd donation, nominated by our member Tracey Wood Bricknell.

“My friend fell 2 weeks ago and broke her femur, she had an operation and is still in hospital as she’s had a few problems.

She will need to go in a care home for few weeks till she can get out of bed then have carers to help as she lives alone.

She is worried about paying her rent and bills due to not working till she can walk again and is expected to take about 6 months recovery .

So if she could be considered I know this would help her recovery.

She is always one to help everybody in need and would love to help her at this difficult time”

This afternoon I spoke to this lady who is feeling very worried about finances while she can’t work. She was actually just about to have more surgery following complications.

She was delighted at hearing of our donation and broke down saying she will use it to pay utility bills and rent while she tries to set up benefits. She sends her heartfelt thanks and is ‘truly grateful’ for your help.

Well done everyone your pounds are making so much difference 🙂