Giveaway #63 Young Ukranian family settling into a new home

By August 3, 2023No Comments

Here’s news of our 63rd Donation!

Nominated by our member Paul Brookhouse, is a Ukrainian refugee Svitlana.

“She arrived in Derby on a rainy Friday in Dec 2022 to the knowledge that her host shouldn’t have applied to take anyone due to space not being eligible and was put straight into unpleasant temporary accommodation with her 4-year-old daughter.

She now has a part time cleaning job in a hotel and her 4-year-old is about to start school in September. She had the good news of being offered a property and signed a tenancy on Monday which is a good size and includes carpets in both bedrooms. The bad news is it needs completely decorating and furnishing. She has been given a £60 decorating voucher. We have got her assistance with the main electrical items and some household items but because the decorating and flooring for stairs/landing will be a significant cost – there is no way her part time salary will cover this.

She has to move into this property straight away whilst it is not in the best decorated state and would request some financial help for her. We have volunteers who can help decorate but need the equipment and also some of household items we can’t get her.

If there is help available for her that would be amazing!”

Friends we have today donated £500 towards the equipment and items Svitlana needs to decorate and furnish this property. Hopefully we can help this lovely little family feel comfortable and safe in their new home.