Giveaway #64 Terminally ill charity worker in financial need

By August 4, 2023No Comments

Tissue at the ready, our 64th donation is for a colleague of our member Paul Brookhouse…..

“I have a really tragic request. One of the leads of a partner food and community project – Cindy Carter-Foster from Project Derby was very recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and had to have emergency surgery just over a week ago to deal with blood clot otherwise risk losing her leg – she potentially will lose her foot anyway. The prognosis is maybe just 6 months.

She is an amazing lady who had dedicated herself since Covid to supporting her community. She was also working on top of this to pay her bills!! Due to ill health, she hasn’t been working and therefore not getting paid. She has reached out to me for help, and I would request help for her at this difficult time to pay her bills.

Please could you help if possible.”

Friends this afternoon I’ve had a conversation with Cindy, what an amazing lady, despite everything she has going on she was positive, upbeat and joking. She’s not been able to work for weeks so is concerned about finances and is worrying about how she’s going to top up her ‘pay as you go’ meter at home. She’s applied for benefits but they want evidence, paperwork etc. and for a long time she was half comatose in hospital. She’s already lost her toes and likely to lose her leg. Unbelievably when I spoke to her she was at the food bank helping!

She was overjoyed to hear of our donation and said “I cannot express enough how this will help me“. This is clearly a very special lady who has been dedicated to helping others. Please feel very content that you have eased things a little for this lady at her time of need 🥹

Cindy waived anonymity as she’d really like to help us reach 500 members by helping us promote the group, what a lady!