Giveaway #65 Working Dad lost everything in house fire

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Donation no.65 from our member Paul for a chap in a shocking situation…

Chris was in a house fire then in hospital for some time and lost everything, job, car, house etc, He has had to apply for benefits for the first time and has no money till his first payment which is hopefully due on the 8th Sept. He is waiting for housing and may be placed in supported living, but has to wait. He has no ID, the council have offered support with getting his birth certificate but he will need photo ID as well. He is struggling with PTSD as he was burnt in the fire. He’s struggling to sleep and be alone, he normally has his son every Friday for the weekend so would need support with him for food as well. The food bank are supporting him for 8 weeks to try and stop any further stress. Once he receives his first payment he has bills to catch up on. He needs toiletries, shampoo, deodorant etc as well as food. He does have access to a fridge and microwave as well as a kettle but no oven, he has been offered an air fryer to help. He is also in need of clothing and will be referred for donations. He is trying to get back to work and has applied for 38 jobs in the last week or so, but is limited as he has no ID or funds to get to interview and currently has limited clothing.

Friends I’m sure you will be pleased to learn we have transferred £500 to Chris this evening to help him through this dreadful time. He was speechless when he learnt of our donation. He messaged saying he was shocked and didn’t know what to say.

Another very worthy donation, thank you all so much.