Giveaway #66 Domestic Abuse survivor setting up home for his children

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Donation news!

Our 66th nomination came from our member Paul for an ex homeless Domestic Abuse victim from Eastern European with hearing disability who after 7yrs has just got a property with a housing association but he needs a washing machine and a few other items- we’ve found him a bed, fridge freezer and wardrobe.

“I first met him about 7 years ago when he stayed at winter nightshelter after his troubles and we helped him get place in a shared house we set up but he was desperate to get own place so he could have his kids stay over. Life went a little wrong for him again for short period of time but he’s been doing great again and so proud to have his first proper home here.

He wants to make it a proper home and be proud of what he has now achieved – he volunteers with few projects and is lovely chap. Because of his hearing challenges it is hard for him to get work but does his best to help others where he can.”

Hope this is something we can help.

Friends I’m sure you’ll be delighted to hear that we have donated £500 which has been able to provide almost everything this chap was needing in his rented house.

Thank you to all our members for helping those who need it the most!


Here is a picture of our recipient with some of the items purchased from our donation. He passed on the following message:

“This donation has helped me make a normal life. I am grateful that somebody is helping people like me. I just want to work, I want to help others, I just want a normal life”