Giveaway #68 Single Mum in financial crisis

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Donation news! Our 68th giveaway was nominated by our member Gillian….be sure to read till the end.

“A single mum who is full time employed is requiring financial support as a matter of urgency. She has been working to get her self out of debt following time off last year with unpaid sick leave due to covid. She has covid again and has had to use intended rent money to buy school uniform for her daughter and has had to unexpectedly pay for flea treatment for her home. Her car is also off the road. £600 is required to pay her rent or she will be evicted as she is on a final warning. She is unable to go to her family, friends or the bank for a loan and I’m concerned even if she is able to borrow she will end up in further debt trying to pay it back.”

Friends I had a long conversation with this lady who has had an incredible run of bad luck including being hospitalised for 3 months. She’s desperately worried about being evicted, she and her now 6yr old child had been sofa surfing before securing her current property. Her landlord has been very understanding and she had been gradually paying off her rent debt but incurred unexpected costs. Her bank balance was sitting at 74p.

On hearing that we would transfer her £500 she broke down crying, she is so very grateful and thankful. Here are some of the messages she’s sent since receiving the funds:

  • Thank you again so much I am actually still in shock as i thought I would lose my house as landlord already been so good to me so thank you.
  • Thank you so much honestly thank you doesn’t seem enough as honestly you have saved me. I would love to give it back by joining you when I’m straight.
  • Have sent it all straight away to my landlord so thank you I can sleep tonight.
  • Thank you again I slept till 9am, can’t believe it.
  • Thank you honestly my head feels like its had a rest, you are all amazing and thank you.

Wow, well done everybody 🥰