Giveaway #69 Mum in property crisis

By September 23, 2023No Comments

Our 69th donation comes from our member Paul after she was referred to the food bank…..

Alison has had a plumbing emergency they have had no electric or water no toilet, they have had to use this month’s food budget to pay for the emergency plumber, her son is autistic and has had a real melt down over the weekend she is really stressed and down feeling like she can’t cope. the house is in a state now and she owns it, which she will struggle to sort, she was not insured so will have to pay for repairs herself but she can’t afford the cost Her husband walked out at Christmas, and they have not seen or heard from him since, leaving her to pay for everything alone which she is trying to do on a very small budget, she alson has IBS. The electric is now back up and running but any fresh or frozen food she had has had to be binned. She is not in the best place at the moment she broke down on the phone and feels like she doesn’t know how to cope, but is trying to hold it together for her adult children who both have learning difficulties. She now has to buy new toilets for the house as the ones she has are so old the plumber patched them up, but they no longer make the parts and they could go again at any time. I think she is struggling with her own mental health issues after being married for 30 plus years and her husband running out and from what she said I was a very mentally and physically abusive relationship.

Friends on speaking to Alison she was enormously grateful for our donation, she was in shock and then broke down saying she will use the money for the essential repairs. The leak in the bathroom even swelled the floor so much they couldn’t open the door. Please be very proud you have again helped someone in absolute crisis.