Giveaway #7 – Helping those who help others

By January 9, 2022No Comments
Rosemarie came to our attention as she is the volunteer social media admin for a local group called ‘Audrey’s Charity’, (check out their Facebook page). Despite struggling to feed her own family she coordinates donations and requests for those in crisis.
We spoke to the founder of Audrey’s Charity who had this to say: “Rosemarie is an amazing woman, she struggles a lot herself financially and with ill health, but always puts others first, and will always try her best to help people. She has helped me to help so many families and helps me run the Audrey’s Charity page. Audrey’s charity would not be where it is now without her help. This is despite her sometimes going without food herself so that she can feed her children and a disabled neighbour she cooks for”.
As Rosemarie is struggling at the moment we spoke to her to offer her a donation. She was ‘flabbergasted’, very grateful and said she will use it to buy her children some warm boots and to stock her kitchen cupboards. She broke down and felt that because she’d been helping others the good turn had been returned. She sends her very grateful thanks to every member of this club and was genuinely touched that anyone should think of helping her.
What a difference our £1 a week makes!