Giveaway #70 Quality family time after a hospitalisation

By October 9, 2023No Comments

Our 70th donation!

Hannah (name changed) is a single working mum with 3 children. One of the children has had several major operations and at one point they thought they may lose her. She has just left hospital after 4 months when the surgery was followed by dangerous infections. She’s still on the road to recovery but gradually integrating back into school, and is able to walk short distances but still using a wheelchair for anything longer.

It’s been a traumatic time for the whole family and money has been tight. On talking to mum this evening she broke down on hearing of our donation, she wants to use it for some days away together making happy memories. This is the message she wanted to share with you all:

“We have spent the whole summer with me and my daughter at hospital and the boys with nanna at home and have been apart for so long. We are all back at work and school and it feels like we are far apart. We will now be able to have some quality time together. It’s overwhelmingly wonderful to receive this level of kindness and to have people that don’t know us send us so much love. Thank you for shining such light into what has sometimes been a very dark tunnel xxxx”

Well done everyone you’ve made a real difference to a family who now believe their luck is turning.