Giveaway #71 Hospitalisation causing financial hardship

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Nominated by our member Tracey Wood Bricknell:

“I’d like to nominate my friends Robert and Angela (names changed).

Robert sadly got told last year his cancer had returned as stage 1 and hospital said with chemo they could treat him .Sadly Robert has had some rough months this year and spent lot of it in hospital as his immune system is very low but been positive throughout.

Robert is not doing good at the moment and Angela is visiting every day and doesn’t drive and works as a carer for the community helping with illnesses and disability and caring for them and faces everyone’s problems even through her own but still smiling through teared eyes

Money has been reduced to pay mortgage and bills etc as Robert is still classed as working but on sick basic pay .

Would love for them to be considered as would give them some good news instead of bad. Robert celebrated his birthday and wedding anniversary in hospital. He is not good at the moment and on palliative care ward at the Royal.

Thank you”

Friends I spoke to Angela tonight who explained that Robert is only receiving statory sick pay and doesn’t qualify for anything else because he’s in hospital. They still have all their bills to pay on top of Angela’s travel to the hospital.

Angela was delighted to hear of our donation and sends her thanks to each and everyone of you.

Well done everyone another very worthy cause.…/emergency-services…/ar-AA1i0a36…