Giveaway #72 Young family homeless after explosion

By October 11, 2023No Comments

Nominated by our member Deano Huub is the family whose house has been condemned following a suspected gas explosion yesterday. Single mum and 2 sons aged 8 and 3 are now homeless relying on relatives for help. The 8yr old boy was sitting on the sofa in front of the window and very lucky not to be injured in the blast.

Mum’s response was ….

“I can’t thank you enough, people’s random acts of kindness make me speechless. I just can’t even put my thanks into words.

When I’m all sorted I’ll be supporting you myself and sharing the word.”

Well done everyone your weekly pound has yet again helped a young family in their hour of need.

Emergency services race to Chaddesden house for reported ‘gas explosion’ (…/emergency-services…/ar-AA1i0a36……/emergency-services…/ar-AA1i0a36…