Giveaway #76 Family suffering bereavement of their child

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News of our 76th donation

Nominated by our member Paul Cannon:

“The nomination is for the ex-sister-in law of a colleague, who works in Ilkeston, her home town.

The woman’s name is Susie (name changed), and 6 months ago her young son, had a seizure. They had been taking him to the doctors as they didn’t think his medication was right as he wasn’t being his normal self. Then last week he was put to bed as normal and he was fine. When his older sister woke up in the morning, she went to wake him up for school and his lips were blue. His older brother started CPR but unfortunately he had already passed away in the night.

They aren’t entirely sure what has caused it and they will have to wait for a post mortem before they get any answers.

Susie works in the health care sector and has obviously taken time off but she is only entitled to a week’s paid leave. With only one working parent and 4 children this is a huge financial strain causing them a lot of stress and financial difficulty.”

The loss of a child is a dreadful thing to suffer and on speaking to the family they explained they’re currently trying to live on statutory sick pay. Susie was hugely grateful on news of our donation and hopefully this will make things just a little easier financially at this awfully upsetting time.

Thank you FOD500 members for making this happen.…/emergency-services…/ar-AA1i0a36……/emergency-services…/ar-AA1i0a36…