Giveaway #77 Helping a Ukranian couple determined to also help themselves

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Our 77th donation is nominated by our member Alex Rock, here’s their story with names changed:

“I’d like to nominate my two Ukrainian guests who have been staying with my wife and I since May 2022. They fled Kherson in Feb 2022, and as Russian speakers, they made their way to us via Crimea, Moscow and Latvia – a dangerous journey through many Russian checkpoints. As a husband and wife, they were terrified at every checkpoint that they would be interned as an enemy combatant.

When they arrived in Derby, they never wanted to ‘take’. Instead, they worked to build a life for themselves. On the second day of their arrival, Aleski (a master barber in Ukraine) spent his time wandering into every barber shop in Derby, eventually getting a chair at a city centre business. He’s been busy building a client list, and his wife Kira works for the brilliant social enterprise, Upbeat Clean. They were receiving benefits for only three weeks – they wanted to work and to contribute as soon as possible.

They’ve been busy building their lives, but they don’t receive a huge amount of money. They’ve been offered a flat in the city centre, which they have taken on – but it is completely unfurnished; no sofa, washing machine, fridge, oven. It doesn’t even have carpets, and it needs decoration. I’m really worried that they don’t have the money they need to make this place a comfortable place to be, and to be honest I’m concerned at the lack of due diligence carried out by the housing association before they offered them this flat. When they viewed the flat, they weren’t allowed to bring their sponsors, and I was surprised to hear that they were given the keys on the day of the viewing.

£500 would go a long way to helping them make this flat welcoming and inviting – it would buy a washing machine and a fridge freezer, and perhaps a tin of paint and a roller. Any help would be appreciated for them at this time.”

Friends it is so important to feel safe and comfortable in our homes, and Alex and his wife have done a marvellous job supporting Aleski and Kira for the last 18 months. It felt entirely appropriate to help this Ukranian couple who have been working hard since they arrived to now settle into their new home.

Since receiving this nomination we have also had some discussion with another of our members who may be able to donate a lot of furniture and household equipment. 🥰

We really wish Aleski and Kira well in their new home and I’m sure Alex will keep us updated on how they are.

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