Giveaway #78 Mum struggling to keep home safe for baby

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News of our 78th Donation!

Nominated by our member Andy Cope:

I would like to nominate Nicole (name changed), a local girl from Chaddesden.

Nicole came to my attention after her friend asked for help on a local Mum’s forum because she was struggling financially.

I’ve spoken to Nicole who is so humble and feels embarrassed at her predicament. Circumstances have left her living hand to mouth in recent months, which is not ideal with an energetic one-year-old son to look after.

Nicole has been unemployed since the early days of her pregnancy and her partner is no longer on the scene and doesn’t contribute financially. She doesn’t have much support from her family as they live an hour away and don’t drive, they don’t see each other as often as they would like.

A local social worker had been working with her to manage her finances, however money is so tight she sometimes has to go without eating to save money for formula, nappies etc.

To make matters worse, she still has historic payment arrangements to pay on top of her utility bills and rent.

A few months ago, her problems worsened after she moved into a council flat. The council did some work before she moved in and added the cost to her rent. To keep these costs down Nicole declined the floor coverings in the hallway and in the bathroom, which also has mould around the windows and walls. However, with her son now crawling/walking it has become a huge concern for her. See pictures below.

Nicole doesn’t have savings so this money would allow her to carpet these areas and pay off the historic debts. This in turn will help her cope with bills and everyday expenses.

Friends Nicole was overwhelmed at news of our donation and sends this message: I would like to say a huge thank you to every single member of this group! What you all do to help people is absolutely amazing and I can now live in a safe house and let my son’s development thrive! You’re all wonderful and from the bottom of my heart thank you so much 🥰🥰 I am over the moon ❤️

Friends yet again your weekly pound has made a huge difference to someone in real need!…/emergency-services…/ar-AA1i0a36……/emergency-services…/ar-AA1i0a36…