Giveaway #8 – Turning lives around

By February 13, 2022No Comments
Dan was nominated by our member Donna, he relocated to Derby several years ago after detoxing from being drug dependent, living on the streets and escaping gang violence after being stabbed. He grew up as a child carer for his Dad.
Dan has turned his life around, he has been drug free for 5 years, he works for a statutory agency as a community worker and has shared custody of his son whom he describes as ‘the only positive in my life right now’. He’s been off work sick with severe anxiety and is receiving support from his GP and psychology services. Since being off work he’s struggled financially and is waiting on a claim for Universal Credit including Housing Benefit. While waiting for these to be set up he has some rent arrears and repair bills he cannot afford. He uses a food bank regularly but his fridge freezer is broken so he can’t keep anything fresh.
Donna describes Dan as an advocate for other people with dependency history and volunteers to support people who are where he once was, he has come such a long way.
When I spoke to Dan he was very quiet and very grateful, his main concern was the rent and keeping a home for his son, he will use some of our donation to clear his arrears. He desperately wants to get better and back to work. Hopefully our donation will help Dan to achieve this.
Once again THANK YOU so much to all members of FOD500 Club, what a difference your weekly pound is making!