Giveaway #82 Wheelchair for adventures

By December 28, 2023No Comments

Friends, here is the detail of our 82nd donation to a family in Belper:

“My friend, whose son has cancer, is struggling as they need a collapsible wheelchair for him so they can get out and about for family activities.

The family’s children go to the same schools as my children, my friend has always been an active volunteer for the school PTA, giving so much time to raise money for the primary school.

Due to the brain tumor, the 8yr old son struggles to walk. He is unable to go to school or participate in ‘normal life’ but he hates being stuck in the house. They have found a children’s collapsible wheelchair with ‘BMX-type’ tyres that they would be able to get into the car easily, but would be perfect for family activities such as going for walks, into town etc. However, the minimum price is about £300+ second-hand.”

Friends this afternoon I have spoken to Mum who explained a little more, including the fact that they’ve gone from being a very ‘outdoorsy’ family to being stuck inside, her son has been feeling ‘trapped’. She was emotional on news of our donation, it will cover the cost of a second hand outdoor wheelchair, and various accessories including waterproofs so the weather won’t stop them going on adventures. Her son’s condition is terminal so it is really valuable for them to have some fun family time and create some memories.

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