Giveaway #83 Grandad in financial poverty after selfless caring

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Evening friends, here is news of our 83rd donation, nominated by our member Sarah:

“‘Norman’ (not real name) is a retired gent who gave up work early to care for his wife for over 15 years. This devastated his pension and NI contributions as he used his savings to live off whilst caring and did not receive carer’s allowance. His wife passed away a couple of years ago.

Despite saving the country thousands in care fees by caring himself he has now been left in poverty – not able to claim any benefits as he is a home owner and has a small old private pension, which puts him over the benefit threshold by 46p.

Norman is supported by his grandchildren, one of whom has shared he has had a long ongoing bed bug infestation that did not respond to over the counter treatments.

He is currently £700 overdrawn and has recently sought money support and debt advice. He has also been recently supported by the local council with food and energy vouchers that mean he was able to free up some money to book a date to have the house properly fumigated to kill the bugs. The treatment should happen within the next two weeks. However his mattress was rotten and the soft furnishings, bedding etc. will need to be thrown away. He is currently sleeping on an old mattress topper. Unsurprisingly he has no money to replace his mattress or soft furnishings.

His granddaughter is the one who noted the infestation and is aware of this referral, she will help him replace the mattress and other items as soon as the treatment has been completed. She is only 18 herself and it is heartwarming that she is wanting to support as best she can.”

I have spoken to Norman’s granddaughter who is doing a wonderful job looking after her grandad calling in to see him most days. She said he sits in his overcoat most of the day and sleeps on a thin mattress topper through the night.

She was delighted to hear news of our donation and rang her grandad straight away, giving him the good news and planning what they will buy for his bedroom.

Well done everybody, yet again you have helped a very deserving person in their hour of need. 🥰…/emergency-services…/ar-AA1i0a36……/emergency-services…/ar-AA1i0a36…