Giveaway #84 Young man setting up home against the odds

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Donation news of our 84th recipient. Nominated by our member Paul Brookhouse:

Made homeless by mum at age 21 due to her unstable mental health.

Dad never around in his whole life.

Couldn’t finish his GCSE’s due to lymphoma in lung.

Working as chef at a pizza restaurant chain for a year.

Just been accepted for private property as his first home. Helping him set up home. Has to buy many things to set up home.

Because he doesn’t want to embarrass his mum his hasn’t gone through council meaning doesn’t get any help with deposit or rent.

Please can we consider helping this lovely young man who despite family background is doing well for himself.

He is very gentle soul and is embarrassed about asking for help I can just about get him to accept my help.”

Friends I have spoken to this young gentleman who was very humble and although in need questioned whether he was deserving enough of our help. He said all of the donation will go towards his rent.

Well done everyone! 👏…/emergency-services…/ar-AA1i0a36……/emergency-services…/ar-AA1i0a36…