Giveaway #85 Family in temporary accommodation

By January 21, 2024No Comments

News of our 85th donation, nominated by our member Fiona.

“At the school where I work we have a family of three who have separated from dad and just moved into an unfurnished rented property. They have been in Temporary accommodation out of area owing to circumstances .The girls are at school each day and doing their best in all aspects.

However we know they are sleeping on air beds and have very little in regards to possessions. We have sorted out food vouchers.

They could certainly do with assistance.”

Friends I spoke to the eldest daughter today as mum has limited English. She explained their temporary situation and the struggles they have. She was speechless and then had a little tear on news of our donation. Here is the family’s message to you all….

“Thank you and god bless you, whatever you give may you get back more in kindness. You don’t understand what this means to us and the difference it will make. Thank you so much, may god bless you all. This kind act has changed our January immensely”.