Giveaway #86 Mum needing help

By February 2, 2024No Comments

Friends, news of our 86th donation, nominated by our member Ellie…

I am currently working with a vulnerable lady who is struggling with finances and drying her children’s clothes. she is in desperate need of a tumble dryer. she is in debt with her energy bills and is struggling to pay the monthly repayments of 300 plus per month. She is currently registered with us to help her gain training and employment but this would be a real struggle with her 3 very young children.

Mum explained in a phone call that her twins are currently potty training and she’s struggling to dry their clothes and bedding. She was delighted on news of our £500 donation, she will buy a dryer and if she has enough then a replacement bunk bed for the twins. She sends huge thanks and has promised a pic of the dryer.

Well done everyone yet again our weekly pounds have helped someone in real need 😊