Giveaway #87 Grieving family in financial poverty

By February 7, 2024No Comments

Donation number 87. Nominated by our member Neil Barber

This story is much shortened and changed to protect identities. This is a family of mum and 3 young teenage children who lost their husband and dad during covid after he suffered a suspected heart attack at work from which he never recovered. He lived for only a few months afterwards and his body was repatriated to his native East African country where the funeral took place which mum and children weren’t able to attend.

Mum is doing a wonderful job with the children particularly as she lives in chronic pain following injuries to her arm and back. Just recently her sister died suddenly abroad so she is living with grief on top of grief.

Despite her losses she is trying to find work, staying strong, supporting the children and encouraging them to join in activities at their local church. She struggles with all sorts of expenses and has four mouths to feed.

On speaking to Mum she was very emotional on news of our donation. Her immediate reaction was to say “may god bless you all, thank you so much you have kind and giving hearts, I wish I could give you all the biggest hug“.

Later on she messaged: “I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for your incredible kindness. Your thoughtful gestures and acts of generosity have truly brightened my day, A helping hand, or a simple gesture of support, your actions have made a profound impact on my life and my children. May the almighty bless you all, thank you so much“.

Well done Friends, your pound has provided some much needed financial relief to a family who have been really suffering.