Giveaway #88 Helping Tom enjoy the outdoors

By February 11, 2024No Comments

Evening friends. Our 88th donation is to a family whose situation we have been aware of for a little while, but now is the right time to offer support. Nominated by our member Dave Williams:

As a member I would like to nominate young Tom (real name), for one of our weekly contributions. Tom was born with a serious, life limiting heart defect and following a series of open heart operations as a young child he still lives with the condition now at 16yrs old. Following one of his recent check up’s with his consultant in Leicester he now has to live hooked up to a 24hr supply of oxygen. As you might imagine Tom requires 24/7 care which leaves his parents very restricted as far as earning potential is concerned. As with everything else this family has had to cope with down the years they have taken this in their stride. There is a portable option available for his oxygen supply but it is severely restrictive on the amount of time he can spend outside of the house.

To address this issue and allow Tom to spend time in an outside/inside environment this coming Spring and Summer the family’s dream is to erect a summer house in the garden so Tom can spend time out of the house but without being disconnected from his main oxygen supply. The type of building they are contemplating needs a substantial base under it, can we donate the £500 cost for that base to help his parents Lawrence and Nicky to get this project under way in time for the Spring?.”

I chatted with Mum, Nicky who explained they have a friendly builder who can build the base at the much-reduced price of £500. While they work out how to fund the summerhouse, the base will work as a decent patio suitable for Tom’s wheelchair. The family’s focus is on giving Tom as decent a quality of life as possible whilst keeping him comfortable and safe as there are now no more surgical options available. Tom is a strong character and loves all the things every 16yr old boy does, including playing music.

I asked Nicky if there was anything else the family needed and she said they could really use some garden furniture, and a bird bath to place near the lounge window so that even if Tom is indoors, he can watch the birds in the garden.

The Spondon based family have waived their anonymity in the hope of attracting more help towards a summerhouse. If anyone feels they can help this family further please email me at and I will put you in touch with them.