Giveaway #89 Nasty accident resulting in costly dental repairs

By February 17, 2024No Comments

Good afternoon All! Here’s news of our 89th donation, nominated by our member Laraine Hurt:

I would like to nominate a young lady by the name of Chrystal (name changed).

Chrystal works at a dog care centre and a couple of weeks ago was almost there when she hit a patch of ice on her bicycle and had a nasty fall. She hit her mouth on the edge of the kerb and knocked 3 top teeth and 1 bottom tooth out, her brace, ( which was due to be taken out soon), broke into pieces and was embedded in her gums. I also have been told that some of the roots have been damaged on the teeth that she hasn’t lost, which means that they may need extracting.

She cannot have much done at the moment because of the swelling and the pain she is in. She is unable to speak clearly or eat at this moment in time.The injury has not only affected her physically, but also mentally.

This means Chrystal is not able to work for the foreseeable future and is also is going to be faced with a massive dentist bill to try and sort her injuries out which is going to have to be done over a long period of time.”

Friends on speaking to Chrystal she really has a very complicated and painful situation with her mouth and the dental work which needs doing. She is very low and is not leaving the house because of the pain and because her mouth looks such a mess.

On news of our donation she was extremely grateful and sends her thanks to everyone.