Giveaway #9 – Moving away from danger

By February 13, 2022No Comments
Nominated by our member Tracy:
“Through my work we became involved with a family after their young teenage daughter was groomed on local Derby parks and sexually exploited on many occasions. Mum is a single parent who has overcome her own issues including addiction and domestic abuse.
We have supported the family with intensive one to one support, therapy, activities, after school and during school holidays which has had a massive positive impact on not just J’s daughter but other siblings. We also facilitated a house move to a different and safer part of the city to reduce the risk of exploitation and harm.
As you are aware house moves are very costly, we did however manage to source some funding to assist with furniture and household goods. Unfortunately, the house is not decorated and in a quite poor state of repair which is having an impact on Mum’s mental health. She has no family or partner to help with decorating and she is unable to carry this out herself as she is disabled. The house has three bedrooms and two rooms downstairs.”
I am delighted to report FOD500 have provided funding to pay for a decorator, paint and wallpaper to decorate the house to give the family some positivity moving forward. We will post some before and after pictures when the work is complete.
Well done everyone, our £1 a week is having some wonderful results!