Giveaway #90 Family starting again in new home

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Friends here is news of our 90th donation, meaning we have given away and amazing Forty Five Thousand Pounds!!

Nominated by our member Dave:

“We spoke last year about a young family I know through my work who were made homeless from their private rental when their landlord decided to sell the house. Both parents work but with 4 children finances are tight and they simply can not save up the £1k deposit required to secure a new private rental. As a result they were forced to seek help from the Council and have been hopping between temporary lodgings ever since. These have included bedsits and hotel rooms all over Derby often miles away from the children’s schools making life very difficult for the Parents and very unsettling for the children. This far from ideal situation also drains much needed cash (not to mention time) from the family in laundry costs and travelling expenses getting the children across town to school.

They could not afford the cost of storage for items of household furniture and with limited availability of space with relatives or friends they were forced to get rid of many larger items.

There is good news now in that they have finally been offered a council property which they have to move into immediately, but one of our £500 donations would help no end in order that they could quickly replace some of the most essential items such that they can get back to some sort of normal family existence.”

Friends I spoke to Mum today as they were moving into their council property, they are starting from scratch and she was delighted with our donation to help them start furnishing their new home.

Well done everyone 🥰