Giveaway #91 Mum of young family needing help

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Friends here is Donation no. 91 nominated by our member Neil Barber:

We first got to know Samantha (name changed), as she attended a church group for local families, as part of the warm spaces initiative.

On Wednesday afternoons families gather at the church building where pizza, veggies and cookies are available (free) along with hot drinks, games etc.

Samantha came with her two young children and invited and encouraged many other families to come too. We soon found out that she was expecting a baby. She explained to us that her partner had wanted her to have an abortion and when she refused, he left. Baby was born last year.

A few months ago Samantha showed us lumps on her neck which after testing through the NHS were diagnosed as Thyroid cancer. She described having had breast cancer investigations previously but that this had not been fully investigated.

Around the same time, her teeth were falling out. Over the next few weeks, it became apparent that she had very few remaining teeth, having had others fall out and a series of false teeth which she “made herself”. In the end it was apparent that the loss of her teeth was a result of her thyroid cancer.

Despite having a baby she could not get to see an NHS dentist and eventually she found a dentist willing to help her with a very reduced charge for false teeth but this used up more than any savings she had.

I have visited Samantha in her home. She could never be described as living in luxury! She is humble and cheerful despite such considerable challenges. She has (reluctantly) agreed for me to nominate her and, despite her circumstances, she continues to think of others’ needs! I can confirm she is very far from a scrounger or wasteful in her lifestyle.

Friends I have spoken to Samantha who appears to be a very strong and brave lady. She was very thankful and grateful of our donation and said it will go towards living costs and hospital travel as she starts 8 weeks of daily radiotherapy next week.

Thank you all so much for your weekly pounds, they really do make a difference.