Giveaway #95 Dad setting up home for children to visit

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Evening friends, here’s news of our 95th donation nominated by member Tracy Harrison

“We are supporting a family where mum and dad are separated. They have three children who have SEND and/or challenging behaviour. We have been supporting the eldest.

Pressures have impacted on mum bringing up the three children largely as a single parent. We have been organising wider family help including enabling dad to offer a more consistent support to take care of the children to offer mum some form of respite. Mum has been really struggling and has told us that when her children’s behaviour escalates, she becomes extremely overwhelmed. Dad has had his own issues and has previously been homeless. He is now doing well and has his own flat. He wants to support more than visiting the children at their mums but unfortunately dad cannot offer respite due to him only recently moving into a flat that isn’t considered appropriate for the girls to visit and/or stay as Dad also had no furniture, including no bed, sofa or cooker. Dad’s flat is now decorated and in an appropriate state for the children to visit and stay when he is able to get the much needed furniture.

Making this happen will

  • Keep the girls safer
  • Give mum some much needed respite
  • Enable dad to rebuild his relationship with the girls and have quality time with them.

Can the wonderful friends of 500 club help”

Dad was extremely grateful for our donation, he has only had a property for 4 months but has worked hard on getting it suitable for the children. He wanted to know about FOD500 and wants to join us once he is in a more stable situation.

Well done everyone hopefully our donation will help provide some stability for this family.

On her own Sarah began to struggle financially having to sell her car to make ends meet, at the same time J’s frustration and lack of understanding means they are feeling punished which has impacted significantly on behaviour, resulting in Sarah struggling to keep J calm and safe at home, she worries she is not providing an education which is increasing the gap between what J is achieving, and what J is capable of. Sarah is dyslexic and on the waiting list for her own diagnosis for Autism which has made going through this process on her own even harder.

I am asking for an award from Friends of Derby 500 to buy an iPad for J, a safe case and some additional educational resources to help them both through this transition back to education. Sarah budgets well and is working with myself and citizens advice but like all people has been hit hard by increased financial pressures during the cost of living crisis just to pay the bills and get the essentials. She will be looking to pick up the pieces of her life and in the future return to work. I have been really touched by her situation and her bravery in getting out of a difficult relationship. I feel this award would not only improve things for both of them but help her to see there are good people in the city.”

On speaking to Sarah she explained that since J has broken their tablet behaviour has been more challenging and J keeps trying to escape out of the house to go to school. She was delighted on news of our donation and sends heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you all.

Well done everyone!