Giveaway #97 Help needed for personal items on palliative care

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Donation no 97 was nominated by our member Jane:

I would like to nominate Sally and Gary (names changed), for urgent assistance.

I have known Sally since childhood; we started school together and reconnected through work 20 years ago. She has recently been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, with masses along her spine, specks in her brain, and lesions in her left lung. Gary has recently retired, but Sally was working so the household income has taken a huge knock.

Sally’s prognosis is uncertain, but she is on palliative care after a particularly harsh hospital stay where she fell, severely breaking her arm and fracturing her hip. Due to the masses, she has lost all feeling in her right leg and can no longer walk. Gary has converted their dining room into a makeshift bedroom for her, and she relies on carers who visit twice daily.

When I visited her last night, I was appalled to learn that they are shouldering the exorbitant costs of her personal care items (toileting, pads, pans, etc.), none of which are covered by her care service. While some equipment has been provided, they still need to purchase additional essential items. They are even forced to use puppy pads for her bed because proper medical pads are prohibitively expensive.

To manage these expenses, they have eaten into their savings just to afford basic care. They are usually the first people to help anyone else out, they live a modest life and have very supportive family and friends, but wouldn’t dream of asking for financial help from anyone.

I am requesting that the £500 be awarded towards covering the cost of these vital personal care items. We do not know how much time Sally has left, but it is imperative that she spends it without the added burden of financial stress for these necessities.

Friends I spoke to Sally this afternoon, despite her very poorly state she was very upbeat and positive. She was delighted on news of our donation and sends her thanks to the whole of our lovely club. Well done everybody 🙂