Giveaway #98 Help for homeless family in crisis

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Evening all, here is detail of our 98th donation, nominated by a member who would prefer to remain anonymous:

I would like to nominate a young woman I know through work.

She’s having a really rough time and could do with some support. She has 3 teenage children, is off work sick on statutory sick pay so on a reduced income, has multiple, serious health concerns and has recently been evicted from the property where she has lived for 15 years. Her furniture is in storage for now. She and the children are currently homeless in a hotel and have been told by the council they need to move hotels every week. They have no cooking facilities and are living on pot noodles and other fast food they can prepare in a bedroom. A donation would help ease her situation enormously and also let her know that there are some kind people out there who want to help.

Friends a message from this lady:

“It was lovely to meet you and I’m in shock, I can’t thank you and the charity enough its sooo kind and thoughtful. I was in Lidl today and a young boy was buying some milk and juice and the bankcard he had kept declining so i bought it for him and his little face lit up, I always help people as and when I can so for someone to go out of their way and help me like this is amazing and just out of this world”

Well done everyone!