Giveaway #99 Reuniting a vulnerable chap with his beloved dogs

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Donation no.99 is a bit different. Nominated by member Jane:

David has learning disabilities, doesn’t have a worker and for most of his life has been supported to a degree by his family, rather than being supported by the Learning Difficulties team.

We are working with David to find him a place to live permanently and reunite him with his dogs as they are the constant in his life (they are 12 and 14 and he’s had them from puppies) and he misses his companions terribly.

He was living in a flat until earlier this year but the landlord evicted him after Derby council condemned the property.

David then ended up in hospital with pneumonia and the local dog warden took his dogs in and will not release them until the cost of looking after them is paid off and they are certain David is able to house them suitably.

The Dog warden is charging £40 per day, and this has resulted in a bill circa £500 that he can’t afford.

I’d like to nominate David to receive this money to be paid to the Dog Warden so he can get his dogs back and whatever is left over be used for food. I’m happy to fund their food ongoing as are some colleagues.

Friends we have transferred £500 to release the dogs back to David, his dogs are the only thing which have kept him going through this difficult time and now with the help of a support worker he is able to access a property.

Well done everyone 🥰