Giveaways #15&16 – Homeless from House Fires

By April 29, 2022No Comments
In the middle of April 2022 there were some awful house fires in the Derby suburb of Sinfin. Thank goodness nobody was seriously hurt but very sadly two families with young children were made homeless.  This was through no fault of their own after strong winds fanned the flames of a shed fire onto their properties.
The tragedy was widely covered by media which is how we found out about it and stepped in to help.  Both families have lost virtually everything in the fire.
Cally, her 3yr old son and foster son lost everything from their housing association property, they managed to grab a few photos and that was all.  She has received support from the local school and community but is now statutory homeless living in a guesthouse.   
Yusra, her husband and children aged 6 and 4 were in a private rented property, both parents work but have no recourse to public funds.  Again the local school and community have been supporting them and their private landlord is doing as much as possible but they are also homeless and in a hotel.
The weekly pounds donated by FoD500 Club have enabled us to give both families £500 each. They are extremely grateful and, “did not believe there were such kind people”.
…this group is just AMAZING!