Newsletter No.5 500 members! £50,000 donated!

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Thank you to all our kind members for your continued support  Welcome to our fifth newsletter.  I’m delighted to report that by the time you read this we will have given  away a huge FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS. All from our fabulous members donating £1 a week!          

Look at the difference your £1 a week makes…  

In January donation no 82 was to a family who needed a collapsible wheelchair for their son who has a terminal brain tumour.  The family had previously been very ‘outdoorsy’ but were now stuck inside with a very big fixed wheel chair.  They managed to source a lightweight, ‘BMX’ style wheelchair which allows them to cover all terrains and folds up to go into the boot of the car.   This has allowed them to enjoy lots of outings making precious memories.      

Donation no 83 was to Grandad ‘Norman’, his granddaughter told us how he was living in poverty after caring for his dying wife.  We transferred £500 to help with new bedding and bed bug treatment.  Our fantastic members then decided they wanted to help clear his overdraft and in 24hrs collected £1,080 to get him financially stable.  This was organised by one of our members and facilitated by FOD500 club.

16yr old Tom has lived with a serious heart condition all his life and had his first open heart surgery at a few days old.  He uses a wheelchair and now needs to be connected to oxygen 24/7.  Despite all his challenges he is a bright and happy teenage boy who loves sport and gaming.  In order to allow him some safe ‘indoorsy’ space outdoors the family wanted a patio for him to use safely in his wheelchair. In February, we gave £500 for a substantial patio to be built at a very reduced rate by a friendly builder.  Since building the patio our founder made an appeal for a summerhouse, this was answered by our member Sallyann from ‘Squarepeg’ garden buildings who very generously supplied and built a beautiful garden room for Tom to use.  Here’s our founder Rachel, Tom’s mum Nicky and Sallyann from Roundpeg in the summerhouse.

In April we gave £500 to a mum of 4 who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  Her 16yr old son has taken on the role of looking after his 3 siblings.  Our donation was used to help with hospital travel and provide a much needed day out for the family during school holidays.    

Also in April we helped a Dad, who after overcoming his own challenges was setting up a home suitable for his children to visit as they were at risk and all had SEND or challenging behaviours.  Respite was needed for their main carer Mum and visiting Dad regularly would help all involved.  Dad was very grateful of the support and wants to join FOD500 himself as soon as he is in a more stable financial situation.      

Don’t forget as a paying in member you are also able to nominate someone in need to receive a donation.  Please familiarise yourself with the procedure so you know what to do when the time comes.  Pop as much detail as you can onto an email, you can find the guidelines here on the website   Nominations – Friends of Derby 500 Club

 Over the last year requests for help are still increasing around ‘cost of living’ causing poverty, people moving into new homes with little or no furniture or resources, reduced income from health problems, and environmental factors like the flooding in October.  All real issues which could affect any of us.
 We often find ourselves bridging the gap for support that traditional services such as social care, health, housing don’t cover, meaning the most vulnerable are suffering. 

 A member’s get together 😊. Keep an eye on your inbox.  We’re going to organise an evening soon at a location in the city centre where members can drop in for a social and say hello.  It will probably be between 5pm and 9pm one evening so you can call in straight from work or later in the evening whichever suits.  We’ll get the detail to you once we’ve finalised it.

  A huge thank you once again to every single one of our members