Well you wonderful people, you have made your FIRST DONATION!

The recipient’s name is changed but please see the detail below received from our member Tracy about a client where she works.

“Billy is 17 years old and lives in a deprived suburb in Derby. He was referred to a local charity for support after he was groomed online and sexually assaulted.

He identifies as gay and has experienced homophobic bullying at school and college which led him to drop out of education.Billy is very isolated and has found it difficult to make friends, which has resorted to him trying to make connections online. The focus of support has been around his emotional wellbeing as he suffers with anxiety, online safety and healthy relationships. He is also supported to access opportunities to reduce his isolation and meet new people in the physical world.

Billy has a real passion for cycling and his bike is his only form of transport as his anxiety prevents him from using public transport. The exercise also has a positive impact on his mental health and physical health which is crucial as he also has a heart condition. He has recently been supported to access “Cycle Derby”, and was due to meet his trainer for his first session on Monday. The plan was that the trainer would then support Billy to join a regular cycling club. We were also hoping this would be the first step to increasing his confidence and moving him closer to being able to do some volunteering or work experience.

Unfortunately, yesterday two cyclists rode towards him and to avoid hitting them he swerved and hit a lamp post, damaging his handlebars and brakes. It is beyond economical repair. Billy is devastated as his bike is now out of action. His family do not have the funds to repair it as they are on a limited income and already receiving support to feed the family, Billy has 7 siblings.

Billy takes real care of his bike, as it means so much to him. When we meet for our sessions he brings along five locks to prevent his bike from being stolen. To have funding for a new bike would mean the world to him as it would not only restore his independence but would also mean he could do the activities we had planned, meet new people and improve his emotional wellbeing. The ask is for £300 to enable a new cycle of a quality that he could use within a cycling club to be purchased.”

After conversation we will provide Billy with £500 to cover his new bike and any other equipment he might need to enable him to join the cycling club.

We will share anonymised pictures and feedback once Billy has been supported to buy a new bike.

Thank you Tracy for this great nomination and thank you to ALL you lovely lot for contributing to this worthy cause 🥰👏